Well, you have to know that its not just WordPress sites but WordPress sites hosted on their server that does not have reCAPTCHA robot check from google.

You know WordPress is not so tight in blocking robotic actions and that is why much bot comments and registrations are noticed on WordPress sites.

To avoid this, be always on the check on your email to know when the will send you a mail requesting you to download and activate the reCAPTCHA plugin on your site. They give the grace of 24hours for you to do that once the email is sent to you.

The email looks like this “Hi,
As per our regular abuse check we found that your website yoursite[dot]com[dot]ng is sending spam mails from our server.

Have a look at the screenshots of our server’s report:
Upon checking your WordPress database we have found that your WordPress website is under WordPress login and Comment attack.

We found that your WordPress login page has open many times in a day. It seems that some bots are trying to access your WordPress.

Have a look at the screenshot:

We have checked that there is more than 3900 users has created there accounts in your WordPress. Which are the reasons for sending spam mails.

Have a look at the screenshot:

Also We have found a lot of unnecessary comments in your Database. Have a look at the screenshot:
Please note that we don’t support any such activities at DomainKing.NG, please read our terms:

Also note that continuously spamming activity has been affecting our server and all other clients which are hosted on the same server this is the reason our abuse team will suspend your hosting account if you will not resolve this issue.

So to resolve this issue you have to enable captcha plugin on your WordPress login, User Account Registration page as well as comments pages.

This guide will help you to enable captcha plugin on your login as well as comments pages: http://www.domainking.ng/articles/add-captcha-to-wordpress/

Also please update your WordPress and its plugins and theme.

Please follow the above step and get back to us within next 24 hours. Failing to do this will force us to suspend your account.

Feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

Best Regards,
DomainKing.NG Abuse Team

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