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I will like to start by calming your hot nerves dear UNIZIK aspirants. Do not Think the list is not going to come again.

A school cannot stand on its own, it is students who make a school to stand. It is not possible for a school to carry out its educational activities without students being present, so calm down and stop being over anxious.

Check the statistics of admitted students and see that there is still a chance to contain you, yes you reading this your admission hopes should not be dashed yet.

Through all these, just know that the number one education blog BOOKERPAGE still cares and seeks for informations for your sake.

Now, the reason why UNIZIK second admission list has been lingering remains that same reason which I mentioned in my earlier post.

UNIZIK admission will officially end on the 27th of this month if their matric should finally hold on that day. So from now till 27th January 2017 is still enough time for unizik to show up.

Relax and Wait, your admission must come.

Also seek for informations yourself, BOOKERPAGE gathered that last year, UNIZIK gave admission even till the day of matric si that same thing may happen this year.

Calm down and always visit bookerpage.com.ng daily to keep getting updates whenever they are available.

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