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“Having looked into the condition of our society these days, having checked on the recent increase in crime and insurgency and having considered the fact that every grown up was once a child; I, Okpara Francis C. have decided to portray a message in the form of a Novel to our dying world. The basis of most crimes is the lack of proper training of the child. Every bad egg in the society today was once a child and was vulnerable, open to good and bad but left to choose wrongly. Let us get back to the root-cause of our problem, let us put in resources in training the child!

Tame the Child, Invest in the future.”


Tame The Child is a book exceptionally written to preach the need for a better child training. I employed a tactics here to ensure that this book gets to both the old and the young, a Novel-cum-moral combination! Possibly the first of its kind in the market.

Both the novel and the moral part conveys the same message ‘tame the child’.

The book is educative and engaging, with questions and discussion topics for parents, teachers and students. A perfect combination if I may say.

From this book, you will learn a great lesson; how Chike who was once a child and vulnerable, open to options and corrections later became a terror to the society. A result of the combined influence his parents, school, peer groups and friends had on him. The little things that matter about children that are most times ignored and the need for a quality child training.

Every school of repute should deem it fit to get this book on the hand of every pupil and student of their school, it would possibly get to the parents too through these students and posterity will thank you for being part of the campaign to eradicate corruption, insurgency, armed robbery, and all forms of negative social behaviours through the training of the child.

The book is sold in bulk (10 copies and above) at the rate of #250/copy. That is to say, 10 copies go for #2500.
For Sales; a single copy is sold between #300 and #400. Any sales below or above this price should be with the authors’ permission. You can contact him here.

The minimum price for single purchase of the book is #300.

Be Guided Accordingly. You can always reach the author for further enquiries through his profile page.

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Be informed that you can invite Okpara Francis C. to your school, organisation or gathering to give a talk on effective Child training.

Okpara Francis Chinedu
Okpara Francis Chinedu

Tame The Child
Preaching the need for a better child training…