Welcome back to booker-stories.
First of all I will like to apologise for not coming up with stories for a short while now but just believe that the best is yet to come!

Today I want to talk about the mosquitoes because I just made a wonderful and verifiable discovery about these creatures recently.

The last time someone was asking me why God created mosquitoes and of what use they were to men.

Well to me, every living thing on earth has a purpose of existence and also plays a role in the ecosystem.

Let me land. This post is not dedicated to the importance of mosquitoes, but to their intelligence. You would wonder how such a small insect will be causing great nightmare to people.

The mosquito knew its a small insect and it also knows that it needs the human blood to reproduce, though I don’t know how it does that but I know that it is only female pregnant mosquitoes that sucks blood. So for the fact that it is small and yet needs the blood of an animal a thousand times bigger than it, it devised a means to get that blood and still go save.

Do you know that the mosquito calculates how long it will stay on your body before daring to suck?
Yes, it waits some seconds to make sure you are not aware it perched on your body.

It calculates how long it should suck to avoid being harmed. That is why you discover that before a mosquito bite will itch you, the mosquito is already gone!

Do you know that the mosquito checks if you have slept before it bites at night? You May doubt if this is true or not but remember I Francis, told you that this prove is verifiable, in the sence that you can try them out yourself.

Now if you want to know if the mosquito really checks if you are asleep at nite, do this.
Allow mosquitoes into your room one evening and lie down on your bed around 8:30p.m but don’t sleep.

The mosquito will first come near your ear with an annoying noise to check if you will try to repel or attack it, if you do, that means you are still awake; it will fly off, wait for some minutes and come back again.

Finally, when it comes and you don’t attack or rebel, it would make the noise more annoying and would even be touching your ear lobe. I bet you, if not for the fact that you want to know what it would do at last, you can’t stand such annoyance.

If it reaches this stage and you did not attack it, it would know you have slept and would now settle down on a succulent part to suck!

That experience may sound crazy but its cool, it would make you ponder over little creatures and their intelligence.
Currently am taking my time to observe the ants just because of my experience with the mosquitoes. I will also share the experience when am done.

Before I drop the pen, remember to send the mosquitoes you allowed into your room off!

I am Francis.
I love writing.