Below are 6 major reasons why Efe is most likely to win the coveted prize of the #BBNaija 2017.

1. The masses can identify with him The masses grately identify with Efe’s personality, they seem to understand his background and the struggle he must have been through coming from a the lower class. It is in this identification of the kindred spirit that has made him almost untouchable all through the show, as the masses would do anything to make a grass to grace statement.

2. Fans are fasting and praying To show how serious Efe’s winning means to his fans, a spiritual angle has been brought into the issue. In Nigeria, when anything takes a religious look, then it becomes extremely serious. For this fans, this kind of mountain will not move, except through fasting and praying.

3. Celebrities and lords behind Efe The number of celebrities that are supporting Efe openly, are so much and they are not coming alone, they are coming with their crowds. First major statement was that of the comedian “I go die” who says he will splash a million naira (N1million) on votes alone. There are also supports from Nigeria/Africa music sensation of the moment – Wizkid and also Mr Eazi. One of the mind buggling claims though, is a report which suggests that popular billionaire Ayiri Emami has pledged to give Efe the sum of N50 million, whether he wins the show or not. This shows you how highly the people think of Efe.

4. Governor Okowa of Delta state is soliciting support The love and desire to see Efe win extends even to the seat of government and the Delta state governor, Ifeanyi Okowa, has been soliciting votes for Efe, this is a very strong push. Perhaps if Efe clinches the price, then it will be recorded as part of the achievements of the administration.

5. The brand is already selling There are certain pointers as regards popularity and success in Nigeria, and it is found in the day-to-day lives of the people. For instance, if you want to know a song which has become a hit, then listen to what the little children are singing on in the streets. For Efe, his name is not just on so many lips in the streets, some Nigerians are already using the brand to make money. By using Efe to sell their products, they not only push his name, but go a long way in revealing that the name and the brand are identified by the people, and when the it matters the most, the people would do what is necessary to keep the brand they have come to love.

6. He has love from Delta and Jos Efe has a great fan base not just in Delta state where he comes from, but in Jos also where he partially grew up. Generally, Nigerians in the west, east, north and south, can Identify with Efe, his character is one that makes him stand out as a true Nigerian. The hour is almost upon us, and analysis are just based on what is seen, there might be some unseen forces that cannot be factored in.

But based on logistics, with all that we know, one is almost certain that Efe will go home with the N25 million cash price and other goodies; that’s if all those who say they love him, vote.

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