Schroader Sense Group Affiliate Program Review -Scam?

Is Schroader Sense Group Affiliate Program Scam ? Does it Pay ? This is what our review says about the program.

Schroader Sense Group Affiliate Program is a new program run by Schroader Sense Group that pays participants a whopping $25 per referral and the programs permits withdrawal a week after a member has joined so you can withrawl you earning through payper or direct wire transfer jsut within a week.

The program is still new and have only paid a few people but may certainly last till the end of this year so there is still time to participate and make real huge amount before the Program possibly stops its affilliate after getting enough sign-up.

Schroader Sense Group Affiliate Program Review -Scam?

The program is legit and not a scam, below is a payment screenshot from Night Watch Nigeria showing te payment withrawal of $100 dollars by a member recently.

Schroader Sense Group Affiliate Program

The stuff above is a Paypal credit screenshot and a sure proof to give this program a try.

Steps to Register for the Schroader Sense Group Affiliate program

Below are steps you can follow to earn on the Schroader Sense Group Affiliate program.

1. Click on this Registeration Link here, Make sure you don’t refresh your page or you will loose your bonus! If your page accidentally refreshes, come back here and start afresh with the Reg link above

Schroader Sense Group Affiliate Program

When you click on the Registration Link you will be welcomed to a page as displayed in the above Image,Now click on GET SECRET NOW to proceed to the next level!

2. After clicking on Get SECRET NOW, a new page will surface asking you to purchase Affiliate marketing solution secret, make the necessary payments for the ebook via PayPal or your Naira mastercard/Visa Card

3. After your payment has been confirmed download the ebook to your PC or Android device, Hey Make sure your page doesn’t refresh all along these steps

4. Quickly rush to your email you used for registration and check your message for a congratulatory message and code like this h4gy67 copy your own code to your clip board (See image below)

Schroader Sense Group Affiliate Program

5. Now Go back to the site and Click on Affiliate Program on the Header.

Schroader Sense Group Affiliate Program

When the page opens, Click on JOIN AFFILIATE PROGRAM and complete the necessary registration, filling the necessary details, in the payment section you can request to use your PayPal or Bank account to receive pays.

After landing on your schroader sense dashboard you can start referring others and making a whopping $25 per referral.

The schroader sense referal program may run till the end of this year so this is your time to make some good bucks before before christmas.

If you don’t have a PayPal account or you need paypal funds to carry out this process you can hook me up on Whatsapp @ 08107713902.

Credit: Night Watch Nigeria   X  Study Nigeria

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