Reasons Why Bleachers Smell Like Rotten Fish After A Long Time Of Bleaching


“When used on a long term basis, bleaching products containing hydroquinone can yield unfavorable side effects such as exogenous ochronosis. It is a condition that causes paradoxical grayish and bluish skin hyperpigmentation. Another complication of long term use of the same products may offend other people. A study in the International Society of Dermatology last 2008 discovered that the individuals on long time hydroquinone skin lightening therapy may suffer from what you call a “fish odor syndrome”. The smell resembling to a decayed fish is due to the discharge of a chemical called trimethylamine in the saliva, vaginal, sweat and urine secretions.
Other consumers reported severer side effects of using skin lightening products. Medical experts think that this is the case of using skin bleaching creams that contain strong chemicals other than hydroquinone. In South Africa and other African countries where the use of hydroquinone-containing creams were banned, researchers found out that those prohibited bleaching products also contain illegal chemicals such as glucocorticoids and mercury. Experts believed that these contaminants and not hydroquinone were the cause of the severe side effects.
Several skin bleaching creams that contain hydroquinone also have potent steroids added to their list of ingredients. Powerful steroids such as clobetasol propionate and betamethasone, although deemed very effective in lightening the skin, pose serious risks to its avid users. Diabetes mellitus and Cushing’s disease are just two of the many Endocrine conditions people using potent prescription strength topical steroids are at risk of having.”

Bleaching really looks nice on the body at the beginning stages but its side effects after a particular period of time in use or after termination of sage is just nothing to write home about.

It is best to be proud of your colour and forget about looking like what you are not and puting your health in danger in the process.

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