Nigerian Sea Ports and Their Location -List

This is the list of Nigerian Sea Ports and Their Location in the country and this list contains the major sea ports in Nigeria.

It would be note-worthy to inform you that Nigerian Sea Ports are overseen by the Nigerian Port Authority NPA.

As we all know, the north is surrounded massively by land and this is a big challenge to having sea ports in the North. Rivers state has the highest number of sea ports in Nigeria.

Below is The List of Sea Ports in Nigeria and Their Locations


* Lagos Port Complex | Apapa, Lagos State

* Calabar Seaport | Calabar, Cross River State

* Tin Can Island Port | Apapa, Lagos State

* Delta Seaport | Delta State | The Delta Port includes the ports of Warri, Burutu, Sapele and the petroleum terminals at Escravos and Forcados.

* Rivers Port Complex | Rivers State | It comprises the Port of Port Harcourt

* Onne Port | Rivers State | Located in three Local Government Areas of Rivers State: Eleme LGA, Bonny LGA and Ogu-Bolo LGA.

As a business person or an intending business person, knowing the sea ports round the country may help you make better choices when you want to ship in your goods.

The list of Nigerian sea ports and their locations is also an information that should be at the finger tips of every Nigerian students as it may come any time to any one as a question.

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