most expensive car in Nigeria

Top Ten Most Expensive Cars In Nigeria -Price and Owners

Most Expensive Cars In Nigeria

Who would believe that a car worth ₦338,300,000 cruises anywhere on the soil of Nigeria? Well that is what the most expensive car in Nigeria worth, a whopping ₦338,300,000.

To you it may sound stupid for someone to have spent such amount to buy a car which still runs on road like other cars. They dont fly, they are driven.

If this car is to run on the local roads in some part of Nigeria, no matter the amount they have been purchased for, they won’t survive the harsh condition of the roads so it is not a car to ride down to your village to show your village people that you have made it, it is ridden on some restricted part of top cities in Nigeria for both security and maintenance.

As it stands, from our list, Bugatti Veyron is the Most expensive car in Nigeria currently. If your dad has a car costlier than this one, you ca inform us for a review.

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Top Ten Most Expensive Cars In Nigeria With Price

1. Bugatti Veyron Price: $1,700,000 (₦338,300,000)

2. Mercedes Brabus G700 Price: $900,000 (₦179,100,000)
3. Brabus Bullit Coupe 800 Price: $495,000 (₦98,505,000)
4. Range Rover Sentinel Price: $451,400 (₦89,828,600)
5. Maybach 62s Price: $450,000 (₦89,550,000)
6. Rolls-Royce Phantom Price: $417,825 (₦83,147,175)
7. Lamborghini Aventador Price: $399,500 (₦79,500,500)
8. Rolls-Royce Wraith Price: $304,350 (₦60,565,650)
9. Bentley Mulsanne
Price: $303,700 (₦60,436,300)
10. Ferrari 458 Specialé Price: $291,744 (₦58,057,056)
Now, what do you think about these cars? are they worth the price judging from their looks here? Remember, there is no much special thing about them, they dont fly! What do you think made them as expensive as they are?
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