I have on many occasions talked about blogging as a cool way to make money especially by students and unemployed graduates who surf the web all the time and are versatile with how to get genuine information from the web which they can pass around through their blogs and get paid for doing so.

One of the tactics to running a successful blog is the willingness to share your unbiased thought, self-made tutorial posts which are genuine, breaking news and a host of other stuffs with the general public.

Now let me answer this question people always ask when they get newly introduced to blogging. That question is “How can I make money through blogging?”

There are a thousand and one way you can make money through blogging but most of us bloggers stick around only one source, which is publishing adverts on our blog. It is not bad to do this even I myself also do it. But I will also like to tell you that as it is good to register with ad companies to publish ads on your blog and get paid, it is also best to diversify your means of income.

You can make money through blogging by engaging in affiliate programs with companies like Amazon and other big companies. You can make money from blogging by sharing referral links. You can make money from your blog by giving your readers quality information and in return receive donations.

You can boost the money you make from other businesses which you run by using your blog to tell people about them. You can make money from your blog by exposing your talent and being hired by people who need your service.

I can’t list them all if I am left to list but I believe the ones listed above are good enough to convince you to kick-start a blogging career today. It is clear that everybody must not blog so if you think you can’t do what it takes, it is better you look into something else doing than going to mess yourself up in the name of blogging.

You don’t copy other peoples’ ideas and posts and paste them on your blog, it is a wrong thing to do and I will advise you sternly to desist from such thing if you would ever blog.

For those blogging already, there is a way you can stop people from copying your contents. Search for it on google and implement them or you can also ask me about them in the comment box.

There are ad networks which would easily accept your blog to run their ads and there are ad networks which would hardly accept your blog.

Those ad networks are strict and follow the laid down rules for blogging, they can ban you anytime you work against their rules and you will have to forfeit whatever you have earned when they do, so the best thing is to respect the rules.

Blogging demands that you be yourself and post original posts and photos. Do not copy an already existing photo always, try to create your own at least to look unique in some certain things.

Do not make your blog look like a duplicate of other or look like a spammy blog, it would reduce your site rating and will cost you many things.

I always like using the comment box as an avenue to interact with my readers. So drop your questions, comments and suggestions in the comment box so we can talk about them. I will be waiting there.

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