The Vice-counselor of the Federal University of technology Owerri has pleaded with the newly admitted students through the ICT chairman.

He was quick to remind them that FUTO is the only Federal university of technology in the whole east and should live upto standard expected of them.

He condemned the poor turn-up of students towards completing their registrations and paying up their school fees.

He also noted that some students who maybe taking the academic life of FUTO for a joke have not returned to school.

He added that the year-one matriculation ceremony was shifted to give the freshers a little more time to complete their registration and Stressed those who fail to complete theirs during this mercy period may face the consequences of their action.

FUTO as a University is ranking the 7th best University in the whole of Nigeria and no good thinking person would like to go backward in live.

In other words, FUTO is heading for the best and wants its students to also aim the best.