A secondary school student in Ogun state was brutally raped by four of her Classmates after taking a drink made from fermented pawpaw in a party.

According to Twitter user @Ade_Toun who shared the story, the four boys aged between 15/16 took turns in raping her after she was intoxicated by the drink.

Crazy enough this girl left the company of her fellow girls and decided to follow boys whom she knew had odd behaviour to a school party.

In a party of 30 persons,  the young girl was the only female involved and she had the guts to gulp down alcohol with these guys.

What exactly was she expecting? Praise and worship session after drinking and getting high with rough boys? Seems she got what she sort.

The girl was brought to the party by her supposed boy friend (the producer of the intoxicating drink) but was later raped by both the boy and other four boys after they all got drunk including the girl.

These are some comments from readers on the issue;

“what were the teachers doing when students brought drinks and started partying in school?”

“I don’t know maybe I should laugh or cry for them.”

“Is that the school her parent sent her to? She saw she was the only girl and she still stayed join them in drinking even when she knows alcohol is not her friend and only in ss1. Hmm she has a long way to go in her life.”

She was reportedly taken to a hospital for  treatment.

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